Welcome to the Corner Crab house

The Corner Crab House opened the doors in 1985. We have been open for more than 30 years. We must be satisfying a lot of customers in order to stay open for all these years. There are three principles that we stand by.


The first principle is that we always buy the best crabs available. In order to do this we have joined with several crab suppliers. Crabs are like any other food product. They grow to maturity in different locations at different times. So if the crabs mature in a new location we have the ability to change suppliers and obtain the best crabs possible.


Secondly, our seasoning has always been made to order. Twice each year we sit down with our supplier to review and sample the spices that go into our seasoning.


Our third principle is we guarantee our products. At the Corner Crab House all of the products that we sell has the family’s guarantee. We will refund or exchange any uneaten or unopened crab or food product.


These three principles have helped us to grow in volume and most importantly continue to satisfy our customers. The Corner Crab House buys locally, hires locally and serves the communities of Baltimore. Our customers are not limited to walkins. We do fund raisers for several local church groups and private parties. So stop by the store, say hi, buy some crabs and enjoy them.